Independent Author Spotlight: David Ramos

Independent Author David Ramos

This new book is about to hit the marketplace tomorrow! Keep reading and we will give a preview of it. The book is called What the Bible Says About Purpose by David Ramos. David is a good friend of this blog. I was able to get an advance copy and read it. If you are…

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Independent Author Spotlight: Rachel Larkin

Independent Christian Author

Being an independent Christian author myself, I know the struggle to get someone to notice my books. Independent authors do not have a large advertising budget like the big publishers have. We don’t have connections just a phone call away at the literary magazines or the Sunday book review section in a major newspaper. So,…

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A Danger for Christian Writers

danger for christian writers

I recently went down a YouTube rabbit hole. Often such behavior ends up being a big fat waste of time, but in this case, it turned out to be a good thing. I came across the video below by Tim Keller, in which he talks about our work. He specifically used the example of being…

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