Independent Author Spotlight: Rachel Larkin

Independent Christian Author

Being an independent Christian author myself, I know the struggle to get someone to notice my books. Independent authors do not have a large advertising budget like the big publishers have. We don’t have connections just a phone call away at the literary magazines or the Sunday book review section in a major newspaper. So, I want to help these independent authors by giving them space here to promote their books.

I also want to give you, my dear readers, a chance to discover some of these lesser known, but just as talented writers. I intend this to be a regular feature on the blog. So, if you are looking for a great Christian book that won’t be displayed in the window of the shopping mall’s bookstore, I ask you to take a look at the books offered here. If you find something that seems good, tell your friends. When they wonder, “Where do you find these great books?” you can just smile knowingly.

Our First Independent Christian Author

Rachel Larkin lives in New Zealand with her husband and their three young adult sons. She writes about growing in faith and developing your potential on her website at- She is also a practicing Chartered Accountant, homeschooling parent for fourteen years, Bible study leader, and speaker.

Just in time for Thanksgiving Day, the first book in our independent author feature is 21 Prayers of Thanksgiving: Transform Your Prayer Life by Giving Thanks. You can be thankful for Rachel because she is offering a PDF version of this book for free to anyone who signs up for her mailing list. Here’s a short description:

Thanksgiving prayers are powerful! This book will transform your prayer life through using the everyday spiritual tool of thanksgiving. Using the 21 prayers will open your eyes to the unseen, draw you into God’s presence, unlock conversations with God, keep you hopeful, banish fear and doubt, bring you clarity and allow you to experience miracles.

You should also read Rachel’s other book, Simple Prayer: The Guide for Ordinary People Seeking the Extraordinary.


  • Tracy Brown

    November 16, 2017

    Would Love to have one. Thank You & God Bless xoxo <3

    • Chuck Livermore

      November 17, 2017

      Great, Tracy. Just click this link, and enter your email address and first name at the bottom of the page. Rachel will take it from there. You will get your PDF in your email.