The Perfect Time to Pray [Devotional]

the perfect time to pray

I thank my God, making mention of you always in my prayers, hearing of your love and faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and toward all the saints (Philemon 1:4-5, NKJV).

When are you most likely to pray for someone? If you’re like most people – including me – you’re most likely to pray when people are in crisis.

I’m not knocking that, and in fact, a crisis is a great time to pray.

But re-read the verses above, and consider when Paul prayed for Philemon. He prayed for him after hearing about his love and faith. In other words, he prayed for Philemon because he heard good, not bad things!

It’s important to pray for people when you hear good things, especially when the good things you hear regard what they’re doing for the Lord. The reason you should pray when good things are happening is because when someone is doing great things for God, they are more likely to come under spiritual attack. In fact, the people who are being used by God are often the most vulnerable.

By all means, continue praying when you know someone is facing a great trial. Pray when you know someone has a scheduled surgery, is sick, or has some other need. We all need prayer in those times! But also make a point of praying for your pastor or missionaries or others who are doing God’s work when it seems that all is going well.

Thank God for them, and also ask God to protect them, and guard them. Ask God to continue to make their ministry successful. Pray that God will keep their hearts pure, and guard them against temptation. Pray against any schemes the devil may have to bring them down.

You never know when your prayers may make a difference in keeping a pastor, missionary, or “every day” friend from giving up, or failing in some way.


Praying the Word

Lord, I pray that you’ll give me a passion for praying for those who are doing your work, for those who are succeeding in bringing forth your truth. Help me to remember to pray in both good times and bad. Give me a heart of thankfulness and celebration when I see the good things you are doing through your people.


Applying the Word

Take a few minutes to either think through or write down some ministry successes of either your local pastor, missionary, or a Christian public figure. Spend time in prayer thanking God for their ministry, and the good work they are doing to advance the Kingdom.


Faith that Forgives


This post is an excerpt from my book, “Faith that Forgives: Christian Devotional Readings from Philemon.”

Learn more about this book here.

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