The Book of Signs by David Jeremiah

The Book of Signs: 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the ApocalypseThe Book of Signs: 31 Undeniable Prophecies of the Apocalypse by David Jeremiah

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David Jeremiah’s Comprehensive Tour of the Second Coming

David Jeremiah has written an epic book on the signs of the times. This book shows that Jeremiah has studied carefully the events surrounding the return of Jesus Christ, the rapture, the tribulation, the millennium, and the new heaven and earth.

What’s In This Book

The five sections of this book begin with International Signs. This part is a tour of major nations that play a significant role in the end times. We learn about Israel, Europe, Russia, Babylon, and America.

Part 2 is Cultural Signs detailing the settings of the world into which the end times begin. There are chapters on materialism, immortality, radical Islam, persecution, spiritual warfare, and apathy.

The third part is Heavenly Signs where things in heaven before Christ’ return are described. You will learn about the rapture, resurrection, heaven, the judgement seat of Christ, rewards, and heavenly worship.

Next in Part 4, Jeremiah talks about the Tribulation Signs which take place during the last seven years before the second coming. You can understand the Four Riders, Antichrist, False Prophet, Martyrs, 144,000, Two Witnesses, Dragon, Mark of the Beast, and Armageddon.

Finally, the last section is Part 5: End Signs. This section discusses chapters titled Return of the King, Millennium, Great White Throne Judgement, New Heaven and New Earth, and Holy City.


Though everybody has different opinions about end time events, I don’t think anyone really has it right. This is a delight to read and certainly a worthwhile addition to myriad of views on the last days.

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