The Relevancy of the Gospel [Devotional]

is christianity relevant

  Have you ever wanted someone to become a Christian so desperately that you “tweaked” the Scriptures (just a little of course!)? You know, perhaps softened aspects that the modern world finds unpalatable.

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Removing the Veil [Devotional]

removing the veil

  Many feel that the Bible is boring, irrelevant, or confusing. I’ve been there myself at times! The passage of Scripture above is referring to the Old Testament, but the same can be said of the New Testament. Consider these words of Jesus, found in Matthew 13:11-13 (NLT):

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The Power of Forgiveness [Devotional]

the power of forgiveness

  In one of the devotionals in my book, By The Will of God I wrote about the importance of confronting people. The tough thing is that regardless of how you confront people, it stings. This is especially true if multiple people were involved in the confrontation, which appeared to be the case in the…

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Godly Confrontation [Devotional]

godly confrontation

By nature, I’m non-confrontational. I’ve even been known to say that nothing is wrong when someone asks if something’s wrong. I suppose this is preferable to being like people who go out of their way to tell people what’s wrong with them. But it’s important to note that there are times when confronting someone is…

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Crushed and Overwhelmed [Devotional]

crushed and overwhelmed devotional 2 corinthians

  Have you ever been crushed and overwhelmed? Even though I likely don’t know you personally, I can pretty well guarantee that you answered, “Yes!” along with everyone else reading this. I’ll never forget the time when I hit a genuine crisis of faith – probably my only true crisis of faith in my entire…

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By the Will of God [Devotional]

by the will of god devotional

  Paul was an apostle of Jesus Christ, not by his own doing, but by the will of God. In short this means that Paul didn’t appoint himself to be an apostle, but instead was named by God to be an apostle. We are all appointed by God to do something (or perhaps many things).…

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Pursue Love

love in the bible devotional

When I was reviewing my first draft of my book, Godly Freedom: Christian Devotional Readings from 1 Corinthians, I realized that I skipped 1 Corinthians chapter 14. As I read back through it, I understood why – it’s not an easy chapter to draw from when it comes to devotional readings! This chapter is probably…

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A Spirit of Love and Gentleness

1 Corinthians Bible Devotional

As I reflect on this Scripture today, my heart is filled with sadness. The Christian world has been once again rocked with another scandal. Yet another instance of where those of us who publicly identify as Christians feel shame, because one of our own has been found to be a fraud. As I learned of…

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Give Credit Where Credit is Due

1 Corinthians Devotional

I’ll admit it straight up. I like being recognized for the work I do. Affirmation is important to me. In fact, if I’m really honest, I have to admit that many times I do good things not because I have a good heart, but because I want people to think well of me and say…

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Absolute Folly

1 corinthians devotional

Do you ever struggle with believing what God says in the Bible? Sometimes I do. The struggle is the hardest when I feel prompted by God to do something risky, or scary in some way. Most of the time the promptings of God come to me through my daily quiet time, as I read and…

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