Put Your Money Where Your Faith Is

Put your money where your faith is

No doubt you’ve heard the saying, “put your money where your mouth is.” I agree with that saying, but have just recently been thinking about how we should put our money with where our faith is, in things that support our beliefs.

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Don’t Be Deceived — Why the Little Things Matter

you reap what you sow

Here’s an interesting way to think of sowing and reaping. #1: You reap WHAT you sow. Basic principle here, but it’s important to remember that you can’t expect to get something different than what you plant. #2: You reap LATER than you sow. Regardless of the type of seeds you sow, you won’t see the…

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With Christ’s Help, Change IS Possible [Devotional]

change is possible philemon devotional

  One thing that I discovered as I prepared to write my book, Faith that Forgives is that the name, “Onesimus,” actually means, “Profitable.” At one time, Onesimus was anything but profitable to Philemon. In fact, there’s every reason to believe that Onesimus not only skipped out on Philemon, he also stole from him. Not exactly…

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A Cup of Cold Water [Devotional]

cup of cold water philemon devotional

When we think about gifts that people in the body of Christ have, we seldom think of the gift of refreshing others. If you check out your local Christian bookstore or the Christian book category on Amazon, you’ll find all kinds of books on how to do different types of ministry, and what it means…

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Thowback Thursday: The Anointing at Bethany

Woman pouring precious perfumed oil over Jesus' head from an alabaster vase

(Author’s note: This is an article I originally published in 2006. I am re-posting it on this blog for the first time.) Jesus tells us that the story of the anointing at Bethany will be told wherever the gospel is proclaimed. That makes this a pretty significant event. Is there more to this story than…

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The Perfect Time to Pray [Devotional]

the perfect time to pray

When are you most likely to pray for someone? If you’re like most people – including me – you’re most likely to pray when people are in crisis. I’m not knocking that, and in fact, a crisis is a great time to pray. But re-read the verses above, and consider when Paul prayed for Philemon.…

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Who You Gonna Serve? [Devotional]

Who you gonna serve philemon devotional

  It’s easy to read over and not think much about the words at the beginning of Paul’s letters, but it’s worth paying attention to them. The book of Philemon starts by stating that Paul was a prisoner not of Rome, but of Jesus Christ, even though he was, in fact, in a Roman prison.…

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Starting a Budget in 4 Easy Steps

Financial stewardship is an important issue for Christians. Christians, in general, are criticized by those in the world because it assumed, sometimes rightly, but often wrongly, that ministers are just out to get our money and the money from little old ladies who live on their meager social security checks. In spite of this denigrating…

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By Christ’s Power [Devotional]

Christ's power

We don’t think of Jesus as being weak, and yet on the cross, His physical body was weak, up to the point of death. Interestingly enough, His weakness is the very thing that made our salvation possible. And yet, in spite of that, most of us don’t celebrate weakness. We want to be strong. And…

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Science and Religion

More and more, we hear of it. It is a battle that has been waged for decades, if not centuries. It is the battle between scientists and the Bible. Scientists believe that their interpretations are correct because of their observations of the things that occur naturally. Most scientists, particularly those that aren’t Christians, believe that…

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