“Doing Good” to the Household of Faith

Where do you get your gas? Which doctor do you go to? Who is your florist? Your dry cleaners? Most of us shop and spend our money without any thought whatsoever about whether the person we do business with is a Christian or not. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t regard such aspects as customer service or price, but doesn’t the verse above teach us that we should give preference to other believer when we consider where we do business?

I know some of you are very cognizant of the faith of the people you shop with. You subscribe to websites like Christian Business Directory, CTKdirectory.com (CTK=Christ the King), or Christian Yellow Pages. You enjoy doing business with other believers, even if it means paying a little bit more, driving a little further, or missing out on “loyalty points” you get shopping at a nonbeliever’s store.

But most of us don’t even consider the beliefs of the people with whom we do business. We just want our stuff, or the service we want provided. We are just as likely to hire an electrician who is an atheist as we are a Christian electrician. We probably don’t know what is their belief. We never thought to ask.

One area where we can support Christians is through our book buying habits. Many of us will not even think of shopping at the Christian alternative to the company named after the South American river. However, if you’re looking for a Christian book, Christian Book Distributors is likely to have it. Often it will be less expensive and will ship just as quickly as the book from the guys with the orange and black label.

One other thing. We are an affiliate for Christian Book Distributors and purchasing from their website using our link also supports this blog. So the next time you want to pick up the latest Francine Rivers novel, or the most recent Tim Keller book, or you want to get a DVD copy of the documentary on Jesus’ life you saw on Discovery, please consider doing good, to all indeed, but especially to those of the household of faith.

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