A Cup of Cold Water [Devotional]

cup of cold water philemon devotional

When we think about gifts that people in the body of Christ have, we seldom think of the gift of refreshing others. If you check out your local Christian bookstore or the Christian book category on Amazon, you’ll find all kinds of books on how to do different types of ministry, and what it means…

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The Perfect Time to Pray [Devotional]

the perfect time to pray

When are you most likely to pray for someone? If you’re like most people – including me – you’re most likely to pray when people are in crisis. I’m not knocking that, and in fact, a crisis is a great time to pray. But re-read the verses above, and consider when Paul prayed for Philemon.…

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Who You Gonna Serve? [Devotional]

Who you gonna serve philemon devotional

  It’s easy to read over and not think much about the words at the beginning of Paul’s letters, but it’s worth paying attention to them. The book of Philemon starts by stating that Paul was a prisoner not of Rome, but of Jesus Christ, even though he was, in fact, in a Roman prison.…

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By Christ’s Power [Devotional]

Christ's power

We don’t think of Jesus as being weak, and yet on the cross, His physical body was weak, up to the point of death. Interestingly enough, His weakness is the very thing that made our salvation possible. And yet, in spite of that, most of us don’t celebrate weakness. We want to be strong. And…

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The Greatest Peril Christians Face [Devotional]

the greatest danger and peril christians face

When I was homeschooling my kids, a lesson in the writing curriculum we used talked about “the banana in the box.” The basic idea was to imagine that you got a box of “something” in the mail. For example, a box of books. And in that box, there also happened to be a banana. The…

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Abounding Grace [Devotional]

abounding grace god gives an abundance

I focused on giving in Chapter 22 of my book, By the Will of God and while we touched on the idea of being blessed in proportion to our giving, I want to focus a bit more in this post on God’s provision for your EVERY need. I’ve always thought of the above Scripture to mean…

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Godly Sorrow [Devotional]

godly sorrow leads to repentance

It can be hard to speak the truth to people you love, especially when the truth makes them unhappy. The apostle Paul has a reputation for being a bit on the brusque side. Some may even think that he took pleasure in offending people. But this passage of Scripture makes it clear that even he…

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Holy Partnerships [Devotional]

holy partnerships

  This passage of Scripture gives good food for thought when it comes to the relationships in which we invest. Some Christians take this to an extreme and live on a compound, where they only associate with people who think exactly like them. Such an extreme is not only unhealthy; it’s also dangerous because it…

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The Power of Reconciliation [Devotional]

the ministry of reconciling people to god

  A lot of Christians feel uncomfortable sharing their faith. I get it, I really do. You see, I’ve struggled with that myself. It’s not that I’ve been ashamed of being a Christian, as I am indeed openly Christian. (These devotionals aren’t written using a pen name!) But in spite of my openness regarding being…

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The Compelling Love of Christ [Devotional]

the compelling love of christ

  There’s a common storyline that I’ve seen in movies and read in books. I’ve also come across real life examples, and my guess is that you have as well. What is it? The story goes like this: One person saves another person’s life, and from there on out, the person rescued is indebted to…

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