Four Money Sins You May Be Committing (Part 1)

Psychologists are beginning to recognize the money sins that the scriptures have spoken of all along. In 2011, Brad Klontz and a team of researchers from Kansas State University conducted a survey and identified 4 abhorrent mindsets associated the accumulation of wealth and money. These were designated as the “Klontz Money Scripts.” Their findings were […]

Six Bible Characters Who Discovered Their Purpose (and what you can learn about finding your purpose)

Joshua, Moses Jeremiah, Solomon, Paul, and Timothy are six characters we know from the scriptures. Of course, all the heroes from the Bible were called by God to something. We can learn from all their examples. I have highlighted these six because there are clear lessons you can emulate for finding your purpose. Joshua After […]

Growing on Purpose: Spiritual Growth through God-given Pursuits

  [social_sharing style=”style-9″ fb_like_url=”” fb_color=”light” fb_lang=”en_GB” fb_text=”like” fb_button_text=”Share” tw_lang=”en” tw_url=”” tw_button_text=”Share” g_lang=”en-GB” g_button_text=”Share” alignment=”center”]   At Ordinary Believer, we believe that God has a specific purpose for everyone. He has given each person special skills, talents, and abilities. We believe these are spiritual gifts, given to edify (that is, to build up) the church. That […]