Independent Author Spotlight: Rachel Larkin

Being an independent Christian author myself, I know the struggle to get someone to notice my books. Independent authors do not have a large advertising budget like the big publishers have. We don’t have connections just a phone call away at the literary magazines or the Sunday book review section in a major newspaper. So, […]

Growing on Purpose: Spiritual Growth through God-given Pursuits

  [social_sharing style=”style-9″ fb_like_url=”” fb_color=”light” fb_lang=”en_GB” fb_text=”like” fb_button_text=”Share” tw_lang=”en” tw_url=”” tw_button_text=”Share” g_lang=”en-GB” g_button_text=”Share” alignment=”center”]   At Ordinary Believer, we believe that God has a specific purpose for everyone. He has given each person special skills, talents, and abilities. We believe these are spiritual gifts, given to edify (that is, to build up) the church. That […]

Does a Different Perspective Mean Christians Are Intolerant?

My son shared a one-panel comic on Facebook showing two men standing on either side of a digit on the ground. One points at the image and says, “six!” The one on the opposite side points at the image and declares, “nine!” The point of the cartoon is that everyone sees things from their own […]