By Christ’s Power [Devotional]

Christ's power

For though He was crucified in weakness, yet He lives by the power of God. For we also are weak in Him, but we shall live with Him by the power of God toward you (2 Corinthians 13:4, NKJV).

We don’t think of Jesus as being weak, and yet on the cross, His physical body was weak, up to the point of death. Interestingly enough, His weakness is the very thing that made our salvation possible. And yet, in spite of that, most of us don’t celebrate weakness. We want to be strong. And there are instances in Scripture where we’re encouraged to be strong.

Where we mess up, however, is attempting to do things in our own strength. This is especially true for us in areas where we feel confident in our own abilities.

Since we may feel tempted to, in confidence, try to do things without Christ’s help, there are some benefits to feeling weak.

For example, a star athlete may not go to God asking for strength before routine practice, and yet desperately pray before a big game, against tough competition. With that example, is the athlete more in tune with God during a practice, or during the big game? The obvious answer is that in most cases, the athlete is more attuned spiritually in times of weakness.

Whether you are an athlete or someone who, like me, makes a living sitting at a computer all day, the same is true for us. We are strongest in our times of weakness when our weakness drives us to depend on God’s strength.

The difficulty that I have, and that perhaps you have as well is that it’s easy for me to go about my day without looking to God for strength. I’ve found that the best way to combat this is to spend some time at the beginning of each day praying, lay out my day before God, and ask Him to strengthen me and help me that day. When I do that at the beginning of even seemingly ordinary days, I find that I’m more in tune with Him even in the mundane things. The surprising and beautiful thing is that the mundane becomes holy and powerful when we include God.


Praying the Word

Lord, I ask that You’ll help me to recognize my own weaknesses especially in areas where I feel secure. Remind me that apart from You, I can do nothing of significance. I ask for Your strength today and every day.


Applying the Word

What do you consider to be your top strength? Think specifically about things you have to do on a regular basis. Now think about how you handle that particular task. Do you ask God for help, or do you typically launch right into it without much thought of God? If the latter, congratulations, you’re normal! But we don’t want to be “normal,” do we? 🙂

Today, as you go about that particular task, intentionally invite Jesus in, and ask for His help. Ask Him to work through you as you do that thing, even if it's mundane. Make a point of being aware of God’s presence as you do all your tasks throughout the day


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