Book Review: The Stage is Set

Book Review

I read Hal Lindsay’s Late, Great Planet Earth in the mid-1970’s as a youngster. The book convinced me that the world couldn’t go on much longer before God says, “Enough!” I read the Bible and watched the news for evidence of Jesus’ imminent return. While I didn’t believe then the world would make it to 2017, I’m grateful for God’s continued patience towards mankind.

A New Book for a New Generation

This year, I read The Stage is Set by Bryant Wright. If Late, Great had me watching the TV for evidence, The Stage is Set has me looking out the window. The world was showing signs in the 1970’s, but you know that the day is hand in 2017. Dr. Wright has not only learned of the signs of his coming from the pages of scripture, he has seen the evidence first hand on the sixteen bible study tours he has led to Israel.

False messiahs proliferate around the globe, wars and rumors of wars are everywhere, earthquakes and other natural disasters abound. The news tells stories of Christians being beheaded, imprisoned, or otherwise persecuted regularly. All these signs point to Jesus’ imminent return.

After making a strong case for the messiah’s soon return, Dr. Wright reminds us of the urgent need to spread the gospel to the 6,800 unreached people groups. Presently, the church doesn’t even engage 3,100 of these groups. Jesus told us his gospel would be preached to the peoples of the world and then the end would come. Plans are well underway to finish the task of reaching the nations.

Dr. Wright takes the mystery out of the strange dreams in the book of Daniel, interprets the symbology of Revelations, and explains the meaning of the prophecies about the Antichrist and Armageddon. His interpretation of the rapture before the second coming is one of the clearest explanations of the relevant scriptures I have read.

Finally, his telling of the return of Jesus is a moving and beautiful word picture. This book at this time in history will surely become a classic for this generation. It is my prayer that it will get into as many hands as possible.

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